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ERC News for the week of June 25th 2017 Race Against Hate Updates, Pizza Night, Runapalooza After Party


Runapalooza Raises $925 For Good Causes


Over 100 members enjoyed an educational and social evening at Prairie Moon. A huge ERC thank you to:


  • The volunteers that helped to make this a successful evening – managing the door and selling raffle tickets.


  • Attendees who generously donated $925 to the raffle – the proceeds will go to local running related good causes.


  • Prairie Moon for hosting


  • Our sponsors and Speakers on the night:


  • Bob Klein of The Runners Edge -


  • JP of Precision Multisport -


  • Kristine Kimmler of Illinois Bone and Joint -


  • Monique Ryan -


  • Dr. Keith Hartley of Back To Basics – Tel: 847- 475 – 4960


If you would like a copy of the speaker Powerpoint presentations, please email me (Kevin)


Race Against Hate Results:


ERC won a boatload of awards at the Race Against Hate.


Including best team in the 10k and 5k races…plus largest team (to be fair, this one isn’t hard for us to win.)


Thanks to Al and Bill for sifting through mountains of data to identify podium winners from ERC members, plus family and friends of ERC. Apologies if we missed your name:


Age Group Winners 10k:


First: Nancy Rollins, April, Likhite, Stephanie Miller, Tim Callaghan, Nancy Werner, Becky Honnold, Kate Baldwin, Zoe Heinke, Timothy Schell, Barbara Auerbach


Second: Mark Smith, Rueben Keller, Jay Honnold, Tim Guimond, William Coutre, Kathy Abbadessa


Third: Pascal Innocenti, Bridget Montgomery, Steve Katz, Jennifer Miller, Rebecca Coutre, Kathryn Henke, Lyndal Hanna


Age Group Winners 5k:


First: Jon Cohen, Dave Aubuchon, Scott Mangum, Scott Ebleling, Jeannie Bogart, Shaul Streifler, Keith Holzmueller, Catherine Way, Bob Silis, Blair Wellensiek, Frank Callaghan, Penny McCreight


Second: Martha Floberg, Gideon Yitref, Emily Azari, Bill Leiner, Eleanor Brandt, Ray Fisher, Catherine Weidner


Third: Tom Dubin


Congratulations to everyone that participated in supporting this great cause.


Results of today’s CARA ‘Proud To Run 10k’ in next week’s newsletter….spoiler alert….more podium places for ERC.


Summervals This Week – 1200 Repeats


49 Teams participated in last week’s 2-Person Relay….could be a record turn-out.


This week is the challenging 1200 Repeats – a great workout to help with pace judgement.

Please consider donating an hour of your time on a Wednesday evening track workout at ETHS. Nancy Rollins, who generously spends EVERY Wednesday evening with the ERC, needs one or two timers for most weeks this season.  (Don’t forget you can still do the workout with Nancy in the morning!)  If you are injured this is a great way for you to stay connected to the club. Thanks!

Please Check That Your Membership Fees Are Up To Date?


A number of runners are attending the Summervals and other club runs without renewing their membership. This is an issue on a number of levels:


  • Our RRCA insurance dictates that club events are only open to paid-up members or ‘one time’ guests that have signed the waiver.


  • The club operates on very tight financial budgets and relies on member fees to pay for: insurance and rental of the High School facilities.


  • $25 a year (50 cents a week) is a small investment to belong to the best running club in the world.


  • It is unfair to your fellow members that are paying their fees to support the club.


Please take a minute – go to the website today – click member login – view your profile – you will be able to see if your membership fees have expired. If they have, please do the right thing and renew.


Pizza Night – Wednesday 28th At Temperance


Carb loading with pizza and beer. After the Summervals head to Temperance.


Donate Your Old Running Shoes

Please bring your athletic shoes, mens and womens any and all sizes, to Summervals and the SMLR (both start times) Look for the designated Shoe Drive Captain and shoe bin.

Can't make any of those venues? Drop off your shoe donation on the enclosed porch of 320 Lake Street, Evanston (between Forest and Judson).

Shoes will be distributed at a Wellness Fair sponsored by local NFP Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare on July 21.

Trilogy clients work to improve their health with volunteer trainers but frequently don't have the proper workout shoes. That's where we come in!

So clean out those closets!


Half Marathon Challenge – ERC Race Discount


Chuck is leading a Half Marathon initiative targeting the Chicago Half Marathon on Sept 24th. Info is at 


Chuck will organize ERC teams for the race, which qualifies us for team discounts and the chance to win team awards. More info at Run Club Challenge


Of course, you're welcome to join the group if you're doing a different fall half as well.




ERC's Weekly Runs 

MONDAY AM -Monday AM Run- 5:30am, Church & Central Park - Dara Ury


MONDAY PM -Evening Run - 6:30pm, Clarke Street Beach - Tim Guimond


TUESDAY AM - Early Morning Lakefront Run - 5:30, Greenleaf and Lakefront - Kate Saccany


WEDNESDAY PM -will resume in the fall

WEDNESDAY SUMMERVALS - Morning Summervals – at 6:15am. Evanston High School outdoor track intervals.  Leader - Nancy Rollins

WEDNESDAY SUMMERVALS -Evening Summervals – at 6:30pm. Evanston High School outdoor track intervals.  Leader - Nancy Rollins


THURSDAY AM - Early Morning Lakefront Run - 5:30, Greenleaf and Lakefront 
Kate Saccany

THURSDAY PM - Pub Run - 
May 18th, Prairie Moon, 7pm through Oct. 5th - Meredith Kopelman

Saturday Morning Run Groups15, Norris Ctr, NU Campus

Trail Run first Sunday of every month - various locations, 9am - Elias Theodosis -



SUNDAY INTERVALS - Indoor track training. January - March


Times are START times. Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early