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2016 Fall Training Schedules 

Our training generally follows the Hal Higdon training schedules, but as several of our participants are not starting from zero we do a bit of "customization" just for fun. 
This year, we will also be doing a Half-marathon training schedule for those not quite as nuts.  Look here soon for a schedule for this program.  Generally, we will run with the marathoners up to maybe 14 or 16 miles.
The marathon training schedule are broken into "Beginner" and "Advanced" distances, also known as "a lot of miles" and "even more miles":


Our BEGINNER mileage follows the Hal Higdon Novice II Schedule  - 1 X 20-milers. 

Our ADVANCED mileage follows the Hal Higdon Advanced I Schedule - 3 X 20-milers

Click on the Fall Marathon Training 2016 button below to access the schedules, or contact ERC's marathon training organizer Kevin McGirl for more info.
This year, we are also having a Half marathon training schedule also loosely based on Higdon's.  There is a similar breakdown for new runners versus more experienced runners.  The Half Marathon training will Start on June 18th and will run 12 weeks up to the Alpine Half in Lake Zurich on Sept 11th.  the Half group will run the same routes as the marathoners, we just will turn back earlier.  A link to the schedule is below.
Here's how one ERC Member felt about the training and Kevin's leadership:
"I wanted to say a big thanks for a PHENOMENAL experience this summer.  I definitely feel primed and ready for the marathon next weekend.  ERC is such a great group of people and the SMLR have helped me put on mileage I never would have been able to do on my own.  I look forward to next year when you [Kevin} and I will be running Chicago together.  In the meantime (I will) see you as I high step through aid station number 12, not wearing gloves regardless of the temp, because that is what you taught me!!

Steve M.


This year, we are mixing it up the runs with various routes:

Sheridan North - Sheridan North route
Lighthouse to South Blvd - Lighthouse to South Blvd
Green Bay Trail - Green Bay Trail
Harms Woods - Harms Woods Map
Hydration Volunteering
Each summer, we ask our SMLR runners (or anybody else!) to help set up and/or take down our 1, 2 or 3 water and Gatorade stops… it's not hard, but there is some effort in getting up earlier or going back a bit later...but it's a REALLY IMPORTANT SERVICE you'll provide to our many runners (and yourself)! Follow this link to sign up:
Weekly training run paces and types
For best results, one of your weekly runs should be a tempo run (try Monday nights or Tue/Thurs mornings), a 2nd should be speed workouts (See Summervals) and the 3rd our long run.