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Sunday Trail Runs

Explore different trails in the Chicago area throughout the year with distances varying from roughly 4-6 miles for each run. After every run there will be plans to visit a local diner for those that are interested.


See emails for details on locations. 


Trail terrain can range from portions of established packed dirt trail to more technical single-track trail straight through the woods. There may be large areas of standing water puddles and spongy earth. You can probably pick around much of it if you are careful but wear shoes with a decent grip that you are okay getting muddy. The trails may be overgrown so look for hazards from thorns or branches.

TRAIL RUNNING INFO from our run-leader Elias

A few brief thoughts on trail running and it's community to help those new to the scene understand it a little better and decide whether or not it is for them.

First, trail running is not like road running. There will be rocks, roots, mud, water, wildlife, and more. You could roll your ankle, get scratched by thorns, or come home to find a tick in your hair. Some of the trails we explore might get a little hairy. I will try my best to inform you of the trail and its conditions each month but please think this through and do not approach trail running lightly. Okay, now that half of you are still reading I will go on to say that trail running is easily the most fun I have EVER had running. I have been running and racing trails for several years now and every second I am on the trails I forget about pace and splits and find myself completely in the moment. I watch for sticks instead of mile markers and play in mud puddles that I would normally avoid. The racing community is extremely nice and supportive too. It's commonplace to have even direct competitors cheer you on and compliment you. During my last trail race I had a 20+ minute conversation with the guy racing next to me. At the turnaround I stopped for water and he even offered to stop and wait for me so we could continue the conversation. And that guy won the race! That moment is indicative of trail racing in general. It's an absolutely wonderful, friendly environment that welcomes all runners with open arms.


If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to reach out and ask me. Any responses to this email will go directly to me without bombarding the entire group. You can also email me directly at Finally, if you are having trouble getting to the trail on Sunday then give me a call at (312) 771-4664.

See you out on the trail!